Advice From Our Garden Grove Water Heater Repair Team

Water heaters are the lifeblood of mostOur Garden Grove Water Heater Repair Team Installs New Water Heaters households. Take a moment to think about all the things you do every day that involve hot water – taking showers, using the washing machine or dishwasher, washing your hands and so many more. Think of what would happen if all of the sudden you didn't have hot water. You'd be stuck warming up pot and pans of water on your stove! Not only is this inefficient, it can be downright dangerous. That's why our Garden Grove water heater repair team is so adamant about our customers getting yearly inspections on their water heaters.

Even before a total water heater failure, a poorly maintained unit will start to become very inefficient. This inefficiency can lead to higher electric or gas bills for your water heating needs. In conventional style water heaters there is a piece called the sacrificial anode. The entire purpose of this piece of metal is to rust on the interior of the tank. This keeps the tank walls from rusting and the tank from falling apart. The anode combines with free radicals in the water and forms a harmless precipitate that falls to the bottom of the tank. This causes a build-up of sediment at the base of the tank that can cause gas heaters to have problems heating the water in the tank. A sediment flush should be done at least once a year to prevent this kind of problem. Our Garden Grove water heater repair team does several of these a month.

We Do Thermostats and T&P Valves

Thermostats and pressureTrust Our Garden Grove Team To Fix Your Hot Water Heater valves are also common problem areas in a conventional water heater. A faulty thermostat can lead to fluctuating temperatures in the tank and result in the heating element burning out in an electric heater. Thermostats can also simply quit working. This can result in a dangerous overheating of the water in the tank. The T&P valve should act as a release and let the overheated water out so that the entire tank doesn't explode. If your T&P valve is also faulty it can result in a catastrophic failure. Our Garden Grove water heater repair techs do a full inspection of every component of your water heater so nothing like this will happen.

Of course, the most devastating thing that our water heater repair team in Garden Grove has to deal with is a complete system failure. Some water heaters reach a point, especially if they were not well maintained, where it is actually cheaper to replace them than to fix everything that is wrong. This is a last resort and we only suggest it when there are serious issues with the current unit. Still, we would rather that our customers be safe and a bit lighter in the wallet, than stuck with a ticking time bomb.