Our Plumbers in Garden Grove Take Your Questions

Our plumbers in Garden Grove get a lot of questions while out on service calls or when answering the phones. Here are the most frequent ones and our professional answers.

Is Your Garden Grove Plumbing Service Licensed by the State of California?
Every single plumbing contractor on our staff is fully licensed and insured to perform industrial, commercial and residential plumbing service in California.

Why Does My Water Heater Run Out Of Hot Water So Quickly?
If you don't have as much hot water Our Garden Grove Plumbers Install Water Heatersas you used to when you first installed it there are a few things that could be happening. First, you may have a faulty thermostat. Your thermostat may be registering a higher temperature than is actually present in the tank. Another possibility is that the sacrificial anode has created enough scale in the tank that the electric heating element is not as efficient as before and is taking longer to heat the water. In either case, you should contact a Garden Grove plumber to check out the tank for you.

Why Is Hard Water a Problem?
If you have hard water it just means that there are minerals in it. If these minerals happen to be magnesium or calcium they can cause build up in your water lines. This build up will constrict the interior of the pipe and slow drains and increase pressure in faucets. In addition, calcium and magnesium stop soap from fully dissolving and instead it they cause it to leave a filmy residue behind. This film also causes clogs, particularly in tub and shower drains.
Is There a Good Way To Clear Roots From a Main Drain Line?
While there are plenty of commercially We Do Commercial Repipesavailable rooticides that can be used to kill off roots in the main drain, they are not environmentally friendly. The best way to clear roots from a drain is with a hydro jet. This is a high powered water jet that can leave the interior of the pipe just like new. Another option, if hydro jetting isn't available in your area, then a power auger can be used to mechanically clear it out.

How Can I Tell If My Toilet Is Leaking?Our Plumbing Contractors Install Toilets
We get this one a lot. Toilet leaks can be detected with a simple dye test. Flush your toilet and open up the reservoir. Drip several drops of a dark colored food coloring into the reservoir tank. Do not flush the toilet for at least 15 minutes. Return and see if any coloring has entered the bowl. If there is colored water in the bowl, you have a flapper leak.